Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My brain is fried..

You know that feeling where you brain is so filled to capacity with really good information that it hurts? That's how mine is now! Today, tomorrow, and Thursday I am attending a common core math training mainly dealing with constructed response and really using the higher-order thinking skills to prove understanding. The days are gone of multiple choice and welcome to journalling!

My first day take away is this is not a one day process. You have to start on the first day of school modeling what is needed to solve problem. I love the tool belt analogy except now, we're not just giving them the tools... We're giving the belt to in order to be able to explain.

Like most training, I like being social with the people around me. I have a great table of girls who all are thinkers and like sharing. I'm excited to 'pick' their brains to be able to teach 3rd better.

Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to share more concrete ways, but until then...6:15 is coming way early!

P.S. my iPad hates blogger, so layout changes will have to come this weekend when I sit down at my computer. Please turn a blind eye to the hideous header.

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