Saturday, July 21, 2012

Great News...

I am officially ELL certified! 

Last year, I had literally an offer that I couldn't refuse from Metro Nashville Public Schools (the county I work for). During the school year, I would take 4 classes from a University to receive graduate credit in order to be officially certified to teach ELL. And it would cost me.... drum roll please.... zero. zip. none. nada. So I took the 4 classes, then took the Praxis test in June and got my results. When I got the PDF file, I called my friend Kristin who was in the classes with me all in a panic because I couldn't find where it said my score. Silly me didn't look on the 2nd page :-) If you'll notice, I conveniently left off my score, but it doesn't matter... I was in the official range.

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